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Saudi Arabia Emerges as a Premier Destination for Global Businesses

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has shifted from an oil-dependent economy to a diversified powerhouse, actively attracting global businesses. Central to this transformation is Vision 2030, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aiming to reduce oil reliance, stimulate private sector growth, and enhance citizens’ quality of life through economic, social, and cultural reforms. Under […]
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The Future of Business in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 serves as a cornerstone for the future of business in Saudi Arabia, aiming to diversify the economy beyond oil and to foster a vibrant, sustainable environment for both local and international businesses. With strategic reforms like introducing new visa policies for tourists and creating a more inclusive business landscape, Saudi Arabia […]
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Spain Golden visa by real estate investment

Under the current Spain Golden Visa program, the criteria are: Kindly note that there are two ways to apply for the golden visa in Spain: Real estate investment from €500.000 Additional information concerning the real estate in Spain and taxes: Main benefits of obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain:
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Why with Highworth?


A team of experienced professionals with specialised know-how and expertise, up-to-date with current developments, being relevant and responsive, committed in delivering qualitative results.


Offering a personalised service approach, treating each project on a case-by-case basis, applying bespoke solutions ensuring objectives are met.


Investing in building long-lasting, meaningful relationships, understanding what is important to our clients, helping them to create the value that they are looking for.


Ensuring our operations are carried out on a socially responsible manner, addressing challenges and priorities not only of our stakeholders but of the communities that we are active as well.