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Declarations of Withholding Tax & Contributions (IR 7)

Declarations of Withholding Tax & Contributions (IR 7) that have not been submitted and concern the years from 2019 onwards The Tax Department informs that, in terms of complying with the tax obligations, it is possible to submit, up until October 31, 2024 without the imposition of an Administrative Fine, the Declarations of withholding Tax […]
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Extension for the submission of the Individual’s Income Statement

The Department of Taxation has announced an extension for the submission of the Individual’s Income Statement for the year 2023 and the payment of the tax due. Based on the Decree of the Minister, Council dated 21 June 2024 (ΚΔΠ 209/2024), the new deadline is now 31 October 2024. It is important to remember that […]
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Marketing & Promotion Agent

We are seeking a talented Marketing Promotional Officer to join our team on a full-time basis to promote a banking institution based abroad and trying to enter the Cyprus market. As a Marketing and Promotional Officer, your primary responsibility will be to design and execute marketing strategies to promote our bank’s services to the people […]
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Why with Highworth?


A team of experienced professionals with specialised know-how and expertise, up-to-date with current developments, being relevant and responsive, committed in delivering qualitative results.


Offering a personalised service approach, treating each project on a case-by-case basis, applying bespoke solutions ensuring objectives are met.


Investing in building long-lasting, meaningful relationships, understanding what is important to our clients, helping them to create the value that they are looking for.


Ensuring our operations are carried out on a socially responsible manner, addressing challenges and priorities not only of our stakeholders but of the communities that we are active as well.