Corporate Services

Excellence, time efficiency and quality, our team of experts through their wide experience in the Cyprus corporate services industry ensures full support for corporate day-to-day affairs.

  • Company formation
    Full support throughout the process of registration and setting up.
  • Company redomiciliation
    The Companies law in Cyprus enables Companies in other jurisdictions to relocate and extend their continuation of business activities without ceasing existence.
  • Certified new corporate certificates
    Issuing of new Certificates required from the Registrar of Companies and other official authorities.
  • Corporate changes in the structure of the company
    Corporate changes related to the directorship and secretary, changes to the registered office and shareholding in Cyprus companies.
  • Capital changes
    Increase or decrease of the share capital of the companies, allotment and issuance of shares, transfer , redemption of shares, registration of share pledges.
  • Annual returns preparation and submission
    Timely preparation and submission of annual returns and fulfilment of all obligations to the relevant authorities in the Republic.
  • Liaising on daily affairs
    Promptly organizing all daily corporate matters of each company.