Foreword by Founder and CEO

We at Highworth, are committed in becoming a trusted partner for our clients and our associates, providing relevant expertise and support along the way of the valuecreating process.

The cornerstone of our business is building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our stakeholders. This gives us the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of the business and the environment our clients and associates operate in, thus providing relevant solutions.

Moreover, the key driver of our success is our people who are in the core of Highworth’s business. Therefore, in our highest priorities is investing in identifying and attracting talent and in supporting our employees continuous development.

Given the above, our clients have learnt to expect nothing less than a combination of quality, swift service and delivery of results through a personalized experience. The trust they place in us is crucial. This is why we strive to be proactive and responsive to their needs by bringing together our business knowledge and experience enhanced by the use of new technology.

Rovertos Hanadjias
Founder & CEO