Administration Services

We understand, support, elevate and reinforce corporate administration matters of a Company creating a presence of trust in this service sector.

  • Certification of documents
    International businesses foresee to constant provision of documents (private and public) requesting certification by the Directors, Secretaries, lawyers or certifying officers.
  • Legalisation of documents
    Recognizing and acting upon the legalization of documents depending on the country of interest via the use of apostille or alternative approaches.
  • Drafting of Minutes/Resolutions
    Maintaining the Company in good standing and ensuring compliance with all its statutory obligations.
  • Power of attorneys
    Drafting and issuing such documents in accordance with the Law.
  • Maintaining statutory books and registers
    Diligently maintaining updated all statutory books and registers of the Company.
  • Issuance of Share Certificates
    Ensuring the right share capital is reflected through necessary actions and the issuance and cancellation of relevant share certificates.
  • Review and execution of agreements
    Swift response on the corporate agreements expected to be prepared and delivered for the Company, contributing in achieving the best results of its business activities.
  • Taking care of corporate compliance matters
    Compliance matters in relation to obligations derived from any law appliable is an increasingly important issue for the Company’s day-to-day affairs.