Re-domiciliation of Foreign entities in Cyprus

Highworth team has promptly and successfully accomplished the re-domiciliation of a group of companies from a non-EU jurisdiction in the Republic of Cyprus. The Cyprus law provides for the migration of companies from abroad through transferring their seat and business activities in Cyprus. It is a requirement for the departing jurisdiction of the company to also permit for the migration and continuation of companies abroad. The companies should be primarily in good standing in the jurisdiction of incorporation/registration for the discontinuation certificate to be issued. Once the process is completed, the Registrar of companies issues the certificate of continuation of the companies in Cyprus. Such process secures the continuation of the company in another jurisdiction and ensures the company history and legal identity continuation.
13 October 2018
13 October 2018

Banking and Payment Solutions

Over the past year, the Highworth team has successfully managed the opening of dozens of new bank accounts with various banks allocated in Cyprus, Europe, and other countries around the globe. These accounts were successfully established for both corporate and individual entities, comprising nationals from Europe and/or other third countries. Most accounts are accompanied with electronic access and associated plastic cards for convenient transactions.

Immigration, Migration Services

Highworth team provided legal guidance concerning the registration of Cyprus company with foreign interests, liaising with the Business Facilitation Unit of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry. Additionally, we assist in the registration process for third country national employees of the company with the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

December 2023
October 2023

Real Estate

The Highworth team, acted upon our client's instructions, facilitated the transfer of ownership for third country nationals residing in the Larnaka area. The property was transferred as a gift from husband to wife, with usufruct rights granted to the existing owner. We obtained the necessary approval from the Administration Department of Larnaka Area and successfully completed the process within three months. All requisite documents were submitted to the land registry, ensuring the seamless transfer of the property.


Highworth has acted as a Tax advisor to a Cyprus firm in providing a tax due diligence for the company to operate in another European Country.
May 2023
April 2023

Real Estate

The Highworth team managed the advertising and promotion of our client's property in Limassol with the objective of achieving a successful sale. Within just three months, we accomplished our goal, selling the property at the targeted price. Additionally, we handled all procedures with the relevant public departments to ensure a smooth transfer to the new owners.


Highworth advised a number of clients in relation to the VAT treatment of their international trading in goods and the respective transportation services received.
June 2022
October 2022


The Highworth team facilitated the registration of a pertinent investment fund on behalf of its clients, ensuring compliance with the requirements set forth by the Capital Market Committee and obtaining the necessary license for seamless operations in Cyprus. Managing the entire application process, including the provision of all requisite documentation, we successfully completed the registration within 12 months. As a result, the fund commenced its operations smoothly and in accordance with regulatory standards.